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On Memoirs of a Voluptuary, Or the Secret Life of an English Boarding School [28 Jul 2014|04:29pm]
Given the sleepy pace of this blog, you might think I have given up writing slash, but you'd be mistaken. I still write frequently, although lately my efforts have been devoted to completing a collection of Sherlockian pornographic stories for possible publication. But I still find time for other kinds of slash, and am working on my very first Aubrey/Maturin story as I have recently become enamoured of the Master and Commander series. So this blog will be updated, albeit slowly. Meanwhile, if you're interested in 19th and early 20th-century pornographic writings, see my recommendations at my Goodreads Author Page at
Recently I participated in Circlet Press' "Ten Dirty Books" series. I chose to write on Memoirs of a Voluptuary (full title: Memoirs of a Voluptuary, Or the Secret Life of an English Boarding School). Below is an excerpt of my essay, the full version can be found on the Circlet Web site.

Ask any collector to name a favorite piece, and most will cite their latest acquisition. I discovered Memoirs of a Voluptuary only a few months ago and have since become thoroughly entranced with this charming Edwardian schoolboy romp. I’m an ardent fan of the pornography of this era, and especially that which includes homosexual acts. The very phrase "Edwardian schoolboy romp" sets my voyeuristic heart aflutter.

Though published in the early twentieth century, it is purportedly a memoir written years after the events described. It is a classic naughty Victorian schoolgirl tale, except with bisexual boys – rather more unusual for the era. As with most anonymous vintage porn, the provenance is murky; it was likely published in 1905 by Charles Carrington, neè Paul Harry Ferdinando. His connection to fin de siècle notables such as Oscar Wilde, A. C. Swinburne, Sir Richard Burton, and Aubrey Beardsley – who were then regarded as sexual outlaws, if not outright mollies – makes the question of Memoirs’ true authorship an intriguing one. Like most Victorian pornographers, the writer is well-educated, and probably a youthful person, if the carefree Edwardian slang and jargon are any indication:

"You are doing it a treat," said Bob as he wriggled his bottom under my luscious caresses. "It feels ripping."

Read the rest on the Circlet Web site
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FIC: "Highbury Street" Hornblower/Bush NC-17 [12 Nov 2012|12:40pm]

You probably thought I'd never post anything again, but I'm still at it, writing very filthy tales of erotic excesses between men. I've been working on my Sherlock Holmes stories to market commercially, so I can't give those away for free, although I will be posting excerpts. I also have some BBC Sherlock porn simmering away on the back burner, some House/Wilson, and I might post some ancient stories from the early days - Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. So do stick with me, although I can't promise frequent updates, but hopefully I make up in quality what I lack in frequency.

This story is an alternate ending to Lieutenant Hornblower, in which Hornblower invites his comrade-in-arms (and only friend in the world)  Lt. Bush to share his lodging in Highbury Street. The last chapter is filled with slashy innuendo, longing gazes, and heartfelt emotion. Due to various circumstances, the two men don't actually spend the night together, but I imagined what would happen if they did. The story takes place in the novel-verse, though I was inspired by the actors who played the characters in the A&E series - Ioan Gruffudd as Hornblower and Paul McGann as Bush.

Title: Highbury Street

Author: missviolet
Pairing: Hornblower/Bush
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP, heterosexual and homosexual acts
Summary: Erotic conversation between Bush and Hornblower leads to hot naval action

Notes: My first Hornblower fic! Some knowledge of the Hornblower novels may be required. 

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happy birthday to Mr. Sherlock Holmes [07 Jan 2012|12:40am]
[ mood | excited ]

Since it is Mr. Holmes' birthday by the BSI's reckoning, I shall talk a moment to wish Sherlock Holmes a happy birthday. I've always found this photograph of William Gillette to be one of the sexiest depictions of the Great Detective, and his dressing gown is magnificent:

William Gillete

I apologize to my patient readers for the six-month lag in updating; I've been busy with work, school, martial arts, and my other hobbies. Happily, Renaissance e-Books/Sizzler bought my story "The Turkish Bath," so if you wanted to read the other half of that, you should be able to buy the e-book in a few months. I'm still writing Holmes/Watson tales - current, something akin to "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott," which is one of few narrated by Holmes instead of Watson, about Holmes' university years. If you are a House/Wilson fan who enjoyed "Cupid's Dart," you'll enjoy it, I promise. I am also writing a Holmes/Watson story about a journey by rail but am still researching Pullman cars in 19th-century Britain (they were more widely used in the States).

I probably should swap out my top banner and move Holmes/Watson to the position of honor. I still find House/Wilson hot, as well as other slash couples - I'm a secret Remus/Sirius slasher, maybe I will post some of that someday. But I confess to being preoccupied with Holmes/Watson slash lately. They were my first slash coupling, from before I had heard of the term "slash" or knew what it was. I love Victorian pornography, and I have a fetish for the clothing, slang, and daily rituals of the 19th century, that it's my preferred fantasy. My stories are written for a utilitarian purpose, but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful.

I want to self-publish my naughty tales of Holmes and Watson, perhaps using The Espresso Book Machine. It seems like erotica publishers prefer e-books these days, so I would give print-on-demand a whirl. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you'll enjoy the excerpts of Sherlockian naughtiness that will be posted, albeit slowly, in months to come.

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FIC: excerpt from "The Turkish Bath" Holmes/Watson NC-17 [24 Jun 2011|09:57pm]
I wrote this long Holmes/Watson tale last December, for Sizzler Books' call for submissions for a planned Holmes anthology called My Love of All That Is Bizarre. The editor is backlogged and has not yet begun to read for it, so I'm posting an excerpt here on my journal. This is the first half of "The Turkish Bath." Having placed Holmes and Watson in a hot, steamy bath, you can imagine what happens next.  I may end up posting the second half, but I am balancing my blog posts with my ambitions towards earning modest income with my Victorian-styled pornography.

Title: The Turkish Bath

Author: missviolet
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP
Summary: Holmes and Watson visit a bath-house and things heat up
Notes: written for Sizzler Books’ planned anthology My Love of All That Is Bizarre

The Turkish Bath

Sherlock Holmes enjoyed the same comforts and pleasures as any gentleman of his station. He was fond of music, dined out several times a week, and subscribed to no less than seven London dailies. I have not made a record of his daily habits, for no writer can fashion a story from mundane details. There is little adventure to be found in Holmes toasting a piece of bread-and-cheese over the coals, or lounging on the wicker sofa reading the police blotter. To satisfy a public eager to read of his exploits, my chronicles describe his extraordinary cases and the means by which he solved them. It is merely for my own amusement that I set down this account of how we bathed in the early years of our acquaintance, before the march of progress brought ease and comfort to daily life.


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FIC: "Upon the Use of Electrical Vibration in the Treatment of Hysterics," Holmes/Watson NC-17 [27 Apr 2011|09:11pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

It's been awhile, dear readers, and that's because I have been preoccupied with writing Sherlockian porn for commercial publication, and because of graduate school and other hobbies taking their respective slices from my scant free time. Regarding the former, Elementary Erotica was published recently and one of my stories is included. I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt, which is written in my (dare I say trademark?)  highly descriptive, flowerly, filthy way. It is unusual in that it includes heterosexual scenes, something which I have never posted to this LiveJournal. It also includes gadgets, something I never thought I'd include in a story, but the anthology has a steampunk theme. If you like it, please buy the Elementary Erotica e-book - it's modestly-priced, and includes six other sultry Sherlockian tales. plus the rest of mine. It's 10,000+ words of relentlessly hot sex scenes. I won't go so far as to promise you a plot, and my story does stand out from the others which are plot-driven erotica. But if you like the rest of my writing, the following will be pleasing to you - enjoy!  ♥ MissV

Title: Upon the Use of Electrical Vibration in the Treatment of Hysterics
Author: missviolet
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP
Summary: Watson treats a lovely hysteric and randy Holmes lends a hand
Notes: published by Circlet Press in the Elementary Erotica anthology  

Upon the Use of Electrical Vibration in the Treatment of Hysterics
Violet Vernet 

 Mr. Lillie's wife suffered from hysteria, that mysterious ailment that is the bane of the upper class woman. He ushered me into her bedroom, she being too frail to come to my offices. It was toasty warm from a cozy fire, and Mrs. Lillie lay in a magnificent carved bed, propped up on pillows and underneath a pink satin coverlet. She was a comely woman of five-and-twenty, scarcely half her husband's age. Her jet-black ringlets were tied into two bunches with matching pink ribbons, and she wore a delicate lace cap upon her head. Her lips were a dainty Cupid's bow and her teeth like a row of tiny pearls. Underneath her pretty bed-jacket, her well-formed bosom heaved gently.

"It is an honor to meet you, Dr. Watson," she said breathlessly, looking up at me with limpid eyes. "I have read of all your exploits with that dashing Holmes fellow."
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more Sherlockiana and another call for submissions [18 Nov 2010|05:34pm]

It's an exciting time to be a Sherlockian porn pastiche writer. A few short years ago, Sherlockian erotic pastiche was extremely obscure, even in the bizarre world of erotic fan-fiction. But nowadays the idea of the Great Detective having a sex drive is no longer quite so laughable and I daresay, has a wider appeal than any time since the 19th century (when Sherlock Holmes received many marriage proposals from ladies who did not realize he is fictional).

Certainly the Guy Ritchie movie had a lot to do with that. With Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law cast as the famous friends, the sexual attraction and slash factor was inevitable. Lately the BBC series Sherlock is creating a stir. Set in modern London, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - certainly not two actors who are immediately identifiable as sex symbols, but they are both extremely appealing in their roles and Benedict Cumberbatch in particular has become an unexpected sex symbol. I think this is due to his brilliant portrayal of Holmes as much, or more, than his looks. His Holmes is as cold and uninterested in sex as the Canon original and this unattainability makes him irresistable.

Circlet Press
' Elementary Erotica is in the final copyediting stages and it may be released before the end of the year, so that's exciting. I read the manuscript, and I'm very pleased and humbled that my pornography was chosen to be included, as the rest of the stories have actual plots and seem to be a lot more than just porn. I think my sex scenes hold up fairly well in comparison to the other writers', but overall, as a story with a plot, mine can't really compare. I am not abashed by this as I've always considered myself a writer of 'one-handed reading,' but I'm flattered that the editors chose to include my story despite its meager plot and non-stop sex scenes.

Of course, once Elementary Erotica is published, I will post a link here and possibly an excerpt, if Circlet's policy allows this.

There is another call for submissions for Sherlockian eroticaThe Erotic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, to be published by Sizzler Editions. Like Elementary Erotica, it will be an e-book. One day I hope there will be sufficient interest in Sherlockian erotica to warrant an ink-and-paper edition - it seems a shame that the dismal Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes should be the only one - but for now, I'm just so pleased to see a second collection in the planning stages. I'll be submitting something to Sizzler, possibly a story I've already written, but perhaps a new one, as I have until January 1 to get it together. I still plan to collect all my Holmes erotica into a self-published edition one day, but of course, it's more exciting to submit to regular publishers.

Lethe Press' A Study in Lavender: Queering Sherlock Holmes is slated for April 2011 release, and I believe it's going to be an ink-and-paper edition, but decidely non-erotic. Should be an interesting read anyway.

Although part of me thinks that Sherlockian erotica isn't for adolescent girls and they ought to leave my fictional crush alone, another part of me is thrilled that people are talking about Sherlock Holmes again. My curious and obscure hobby isn't quite so obscure any more!

I apologize that I haven't written a new fic in ages, I am actually working on my Sherlock Holmes erotica but can't post it to my LJ if I intend to submit it. If you are following BBC Sherlock, I think you will love the writing of irisbleufic . Try this extremely hot story Perspective and if you like it, be sure to leave a nice comment at her LJ.
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other writers in the upcoming Elementary Erotic [08 Sep 2010|03:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

If you want to read about the other six authors included in the upcoming Elementary Erotica collection (of erotic steampunk Sherlock Holmes stories), check out their bios on the Sex In Sepia blog, which run by the collection's editor J. Blackmore. Since I write under a pen-name, my bio is quite succinct and boring, but I really cannot include personally identifying details in case anyone I know stumbles across Elementary Erotica. And besides, that's always what I imagined my bio would be on a book jacket, if I am ever lucky enough to be published in print.

I don't know exactly when Elementary Erotica will be published, but hopefully soon. I know that Ms. Blackmore plans to promote the book with more teasers on her blog, and maybe some cover art will make an appearance soon.

Oh, if you are a regular here, you may have noticed I changed the header graphic. No more little Valentine heart with House and Wilson Photoshopped together. I changed it because Ms. Blackmore requested a link for her blog, and in case anyone drifts over from Sex in Sepia, I didn't want them to wonder what this LJ has to do with Sherlock Holmes.

You may be dissappointed to know that I am writing lots of Sherlock Holmes porn for a collection of stories that I intend to self-publish, if I can find a vanity press that will agree to print it, being as Sherlock Holmes is widely believed to be copyrighted by Andrea Plunkett (she actually does not hold the copyright, but she thinks she does, and most vanity presses want to avoid any potential trouble). I am hoping the prevalance of Holmes pastiche already in print will be sufficient to convince a vanity press to work with me. After all, Laurie King has probably made a small fortune from her Holmes pastiche, and she hasn't been snagged by Plunkett's lawyers, so what are the chances that the few copies I might sell would draw their ire?

As to whether I will write more House/Wilson slash, yeah, sure, I expect I'll always return to that, but right now I'm having lots of fun with my Holmes porn, since the Victorian style suits me so well. Sorry I cannot post it, but the idea is to eventually sell copies and you know the old axiom about why buy the cow? But I appreciate any of the f-list who haven't given up on my sporadically-updated LJ!

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good news from Circlet [16 Aug 2010|05:37pm]
I'm very happy to report that Circlet Press wants to include my short story in their upcoming "Elementary Erotica" collection of Sherlock Holmes stories set in a steampunk universe. Although it will be an e-book and not a conventional printed book, it is still quite an accolade for me because I've always considered myself a slash fanfic writer of plotless masturbatory aids. I mean, there's nothing wrong with masturbatory aids, but I'm just a little surprised that the Circlet editor found enough substance in my Holmes story to include it. I had been planning to post it here on my journal, but I can't do that until the e-book is published.

My lengthy story, which was edited by two long-time members of my f-list, is called "Notes upon the Use of Electrical Vibration in the Treatment of Hysterics." It is narrated by Watson, as are almost all of the original Canon stories. He describes his adventures treating a female patient for nervous hysteria, using the latest in Victorian medical technology, the electric vibrator. I snuck in the steampunk element by portraying Holmes as a tinkerer who modifies the vibrator to be easier to self-administer the treatments. If you've ever seen pictures of the bulky 19th century vibrators, you would understand why someone would want to mod them.

I've portrayed Watson as solidly bisexual, so there are some heterosexual sex scenes - rather unusual for me. I've written Holmes to be completely gay. That is sure to ruffle some feathers - most people seem to want them to be straight or gay, but never bi. But it's hard to believe Watson as entirely homosexual - his "experience of women which extends over many nations and three separate continents" would seem to preclude that. Of course, Holmes is also explicitly described as asexual in the Canon, but I've chosen to conveniently ignore that as a mere cover-up for his true nature.

So that's given me a bit of inspiration and I may submit another story to Cleis Press, if I can edit it down to 1,200 words for their "gay quickies" anthology.

Meanwhile, I haven't written much House/Wilson lately, and I know that the bulk of my f-list came to my LJ for my House fics, but my interests have expanded. I'd really like to do a Chuck/Casey fic from NBC's spy-fi comedy Chuck. I've always crushed on Adam Baldwin, ever since he was the tough kid in My Bodyguard. And I'd like to continue my Holmes stories and see about self-publishing them. The market for Holmes erotica is a pretty small one, but I am hoping to find a vanity press that will publish it - not so easy, since many people are under the impression that the Holmes character is copyright-protected - and that isn't too pricey, and also will get me an ISBN so I can sell on Amazon.

Thanks for sticking with my LJ although it's so infrequently updated. I do have a couple of fan-fics in the works so do check back once a month or so and maybe I'll surprise you with something new.

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FIC: After Hours, NC-17 (something a little different: original homoerotica) [18 Jun 2010|12:52pm]

Here's something a trifle different - original homoerotica, set in contemporary times. I have been toying with the idea of self-publishing an anthology of historical homoerotic fiction, starting with the Middle Ages and ending in the present day. This would the last story in the collection, set in modern times. I'd love to know what you think. Are the characters believable? Would you buy something like this, if packaged in a paperback with another dozen or so original erotic tales of men loving each other throughout the ages? Or are you content with the free stories and fan fiction that is available on my LiveJournal? 


Title: After Hours
Author: missviolet
Pairing: original characters
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP – explicit gay sex here, but you probably knew that!
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely accidental.
Summary: Co-workers get to know each other in the office after hours.
Author's Notes: This could be part of a longer anthology of original homoerotic fiction that I hope to self-publish.

That Colin was still in his office at seven was a game, a challenge. Everyone else had gone home; theirs was not a department of go-getters. The hallway between their offices was silent except for Colin’s sighs, each of which vibrated through John’s body in a pleasant little frisson. Colin’s nearness generated an anticipatory thrill as he pushed around paperwork. Distracted, he shoved it all in a pile and leaned his head forward. Eyes closed, he imagined Colin across the hall. Those little sighs were for him, he felt sure. He’d never known such a tease. For months they exchanged secret glances, accidental touches that caused a spark of heat between them. John remembered Colin sucking the stem of his black-rimmed glasses, looking at him with curiously naked eyes, while working together at John’s round table. Heads bent low, voices a low murmur. It would have been maddening, except that John was sure it was all leading somewhere.


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coming soon: more Sherlock Holmes slash [24 May 2010|01:01pm]

I was extremely excited to stumble across a call for submissions for Elementary Erotica , an upcoming publication from Circlet Press:

There's always been a certain… something about Sherlock Holmes. Though a confirmed bachelor, and a cool logician, there's a certain sexiness about him, and about many of the people who passed through the doors of 221b Baker Street. Now it's time to tell their stories. Was more going on between Watson and Holmes than friendship? What are the missing details of Watson's courtship of Miss Mary Morstan? Could "The Woman," Miss Irene Adler, have had other misadventures before or after her run in with Holmes? We're looking for these stories, set in an alternate steampunk universe. Anything goes, as long as Doyle’s characters are involved, and there's at least a flavor of steampunk.

I was introduced to slash via JoAnn Soper-Cook's delightful Sherlock Holmes stories, and my own Holmes erotica, "The Violin Concerto", is my favorite of all my slash fics. I've always had a thing for Sherlock Holmes - he combines all the masculine qualities I find so attractive - cold logic, intellectual brilliance, devastating martial arts skills, and 19th century clothing. It's no wonder that Holmes has been my literary boyfriend since I first read the short stories (at the advanced age of 19 - whatever took me so long?).

I was a little off-put by the "flavor of steampunk" requirement. Although I am a steampunk, I've never been a big fan of the literature, preferring straight-up historical lit to alternative steampunk universe stuff. However I found a way to incorporate steampunk elements - everything just fell into place beautifully in my mind, and an idea I had been kicking around for an erotic steampunk story was intrinsically suited to the world of Sherlock Holmes. The deadline is June 30 so that's what I'll be frantically working on for that for the next few weeks.

Whether or not it's accepted for publication, I will certainly post it here. If it is accepted, it would be the first story I've sold, although the payment is very meagre and it may only be an e-book. Still, I'd be immensely excited. I would probably be unable to post it to my journal until it's been published, but I will certainly make it available here for free. If it isn't accepted, I'd post it right away, towards the end of June. So either way you can look forward to a new Sherlock Holmes story coming soon. It's going to be quite different from my usual style - there will be some heterosexual sex scenes involving the bisexual Dr. Watson, and the steampunk flavor is definitely different for me, but overall the style will be similar to that of "The Violin Concerto."

After that, more House/Wilson is on the way, and maybe something in the Sherlock Holmes movie-verse, as that was a slasher's delight and who doesn't like to think of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law having a go? It's really a lovely thought, and here's an image to spark your imagination:

[Holmes and Watson]
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FIC: "Trial Period," Jack/Ianto, NC-17 [17 May 2010|02:08pm]
Title: Trial Period
Author: missviolet
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP – explicit gay sex here, but you probably knew that!
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Russell T. Davies, BBC, et. al. No infringement or disrespect intended.
Summary: During Ianto's first few weeks as part of the Torchwood team, Jack provides specialized training and more.
Author's Notes: After a long absence, I'm diving back into slash fiction.

Jack is pleased with his marksmanship. On his first day at the Hub, they spend the better part of an afternoon at the firing range, where Ianto proves himself a crack shot. Ianto is careful to control his breathing, not to give himself away, but his fingertips tingle when Jack corrects his posture or hand placement. He knows the Captain relishes the excuse to touch him. After several hours, Ianto has passed all tests with flying colors and is graded by Jack as an expert marksman.

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Occcasional Message [01 Jan 2010|04:33pm]

Happy New Year to the f-list! Best wishes for 2010!
[Happy New Year] 


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the old grad school drill again (in case you were wondering where I've been), some sneak previews [02 Mar 2009|04:00pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

This will be a familiar story to anyone who's been on my f-list for more than a year: once again I am distracted by grad school and haven't had time for fan-ficcing. This semester promises to be the most gruelling yet. It's only one course but it's the toughest one in the curriculum, and considering that nearly all my computer science courses are tough, this one is out of the proverbial ball park. I spend at least ten hours a week working with my partner on our project, and I've hardly had enough time to exercise or cook decent meals the way I normally do. But since it snowed heavily today, my office is closed, and therefore I have a little spare time in which to post this message and possibly whip up a curried chick pea recipe I've been meaning to try for months.

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FIC: "Solo Flight," Tenth Doctor, NC-17 [01 Jan 2009|05:08pm]
[ mood | content ]

Here's something slightly different - a Doctor Who fic that I wrote about one of my favorite kinks: the Tenth Doctor has a go at himself. It's difficult to ascribe sexuality to Doctor Who, as he has generally been portrayed as uninterested in sex. As such, I feel somewhat ridiculous writing pornography about a traditionally 'family-friendly' character, but that hasn't stopped me from giving it the old college try!

Title: Solo Flight
Author: missviolet

Pairing: Tenth Doctor/TARDIS (!)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP, and, ah, the solitary vice

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Russell T. Davies, BBC, et. al. No infringement or disrespect intended.

Summary: Lonely without their Companions, the TARDIS soothes the Doctor.

Author’s Notes: My unconventional interpretation of the asexuality of Doctor Who.




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something a little different: Victorian homoerotica [31 Dec 2008|05:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Here's something a trifle different - some original Victorian-style homoerotic fiction. I have decided, after much pondering, that my conventional short stories are worth the investment in time, although pornography is more marketable (short stories have declined in popularity since the 1950s.) I may yet continue the adventures of these two 19th-century New Yorkers, but for now, this is all I have and I thought the friends list might enjoy it.


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Happy New Year to the Friends List! [31 Dec 2008|04:06pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Happy New Year to the Friends List!

Best wishes for 2009,

- Miss Violet

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Occassional Message [24 Dec 2008|03:47pm]
Merry Christmas to the Friends List! Here's a lovely graphic from

[Merry Christmas]

Best wishes for a bright New Year!

All the best from Miss Violet
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FIC: "Lucky Charm," House/Wilson and House/Lucas, NC-17 [31 Oct 2008|11:28pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I’ve been distracted from fan-fic while writing original porn that I want to self-publish. I have a mild sense of guilt about undertaking this project, since my collection of conventional short stories is nearly complete and I feel as if I’ve derailed myself from that. But I think the porn’s more saleable and I need the money. Naturally, I love writing the stuff, so money is far from the only reason. I also want to revive the genre found in Victorian bawdy journals. I’ll still be writing fan-fic, of course, but probably not quite the same format as the House/Wilson “No” stories. I have fallen in love with Doctor Who and Torchwood slash, and I might also try House drabbles – single paragraphs - which I’ve never written before, but I like the idea of a prompt table.


I wrote this for housefic_meta’s One Hour, One Story challenge. I used a lot of literary pauses to speed it along, but still completely missed my deadline and wrote and edited over the course of a week. That’s super-duper fast for me. In this story, I tried to capture House’s first-person snark rather which is way more difficult than writing in my own Victorian-styled narrative. House and Wilson have been doing it for years, and guess who’s the bossy one? There is also a dash of Lucas.


Title: Lucky Charm

Author: missviolet

Pairing: well-established House/Wilson, House/Lucas

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP, mildly kinky!Wilson

Disclaimer: All characters belong to David Shore, Fox, et. al. No infringement or disrespect intended.

Summary: Set during and after “Birthmarks” and "Lucky Thirteen." Wilson proves that he’s really back—in a naughty way, of course.

Notes: Written for housefic_meta’s One Hour, One Story challenge



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homoerotic fiction recommendations [07 Sep 2008|06:15pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I’ve been crippled and on crutches after surgery to repair torn ligaments in my ankles - housebound for almost a month now. As you can imagine, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I’ve zipped through quite a few books. I wanted to share some of the more homoerotic selections with you. Gay romances have become more commonly available in recent years, and now they are pretty much a distinct genre.
Sins of the Cities of the Plain by Jack Saul is an historic classic of the rather small genre of gay Victorian erotica, and considered to be the first Victorian homosexual pornographic novel. There really aren’t too many, although homosexual scenes are included in many classics such as The Romance of Lust and My Secret Life. Teleny, written by Oscar Wilde and his circle of friends, was published a few years after Sins of the Cities of the Plains and is the most famous of the rather scant selection of Victorian homosexual erotica.
Sins of the Cities of the Plain opens with a well-heeled gentleman picking up a marvelously well-endowed ‘rent boy’ named Jack Saul and bringing him home for an evening of decadent pleasure. I found the opening chapters to be the most exciting. After that, Jack Saul tells his story of early initiation into the joys of homosexual coupling. At boarding school, the entire boys’ dormitory engages in frigging and buggery. As a young man, Jack takes up with an exclusive gentleman’s club, a ‘molly house’ of sorts, and acquires a taste for cross-dressing. He manages to maintain himself quite nicely on the income he earns from the parties given by the house, and embarks on financially and sexually satisfying life as a high-class male prostitute.
As a novel, it’s quite readable, but except for the first few chapters, it’s not really my preferred style of erotica. Unlike many women who enjoy slash, men in dresses doesn’t do anything for me. The original narrator’s tale was more interesting to me than Jack Saul’s own story, and I wish their few encounters together were drawn out a bit more before Jack’s narrative began. Even so, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the Victorian underground. It is worth a read for the sexual slang along; many words which I had thought to be strictly modern, such as ‘rent-boy,’ were already in common use by the time Sins of the Cities of the Plain was published.
Quite a bit raunchier is the recently published The Great Cock Hunt by the pseudonymous “Alex,” based on his blog of the same name. The story unfolds over the course of a reunion weekend at Alex’s college, accompanied by his male and female best friends. During these few days, Alex hooks up with a myriad of guys, and recounts memories of even more hook-ups. No doubt about it, Alex is a huge slut, but an oddly engaging one. It’s hard not to sympathize with his love for his ex-boyfriend Jack, whose on-again, off-again relationship is the source of much angst. Alex’s unrequited love for his straight friend Dave is also a tender point. I found his sex-buddy relationship with his best friend to be one of the more intriguing characteristics of the gay men I know: they can have sex with their friends and not destroy the friendship. That’s never been possible for me.
The book is clearly marketed to gay men and the lengthy and somewhat clinical descriptions of sex didn’t do much for me. Yet I found Alex’s story to be a compelling one. I can’t help wondering if I know Alex, or if I’ve seen him walking around town. I wonder if things worked out between him and Jack. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by his unrelenting sexual appetite, and his musings on sex and love were rather poignant.
Phyllida and the Brotherhood of the Philander by Ann Herendeen was quite entertaining, sexy without being overly graphic. It’s gotten a fair amount of criticism for being historically implausible, but seriously, who’d pick up a novel labeled “a bisexual Regency romance” and expect historical accuracy? Phyllida is a beautiful country girl and the author of sensational romances, which she writes under an assumed name. She agrees to a marriage of convenience with the dashing Andrew Carrington, a gay aristocrat seeking to fulfill his familial duty and produce an heir. Despite knowing his sexual orientation, she’s attracted to him, and eager to escape her lower class dull country life with her bawdy mother. The marriage of convenience becomes a passionate relationship as Andrew, rather implausibly, suddenly awakens to his desire for a woman. Yet he still loves men, and with his handsome American lover, the three form a happy trio, with Phyllida eventually enjoying her husband’s romps with his lover as an avid observer.
A flimsy blackmail plot is rather secondary to the more fascinating fantasy of the erotic relationships of the three principal players. It is a fantasy – how often do such things happen, in the modern world or in Regency England? I personally found it most enjoyable, probably because the idea of a handsome, aristocratic bisexual love triangle is rather appealing to me. Andrew’s dalliances with various handsome men are lovingly described, erotic but never explicit, leaving much to the imagination. Phyllida is not quite as fascinating as Andrew, though a serviceable narrator, and her enjoyment of the hot man-love naturally strikes a sympathetic chord. I look forward to more by this author.
The God in Flight by Laura Argiri is a fairly serious novel, one which took 18 years for its author to complete. It is the story of a romance between Doriskos Klionarios, an ascetic Yale art professor, and Simion Satterwhite, a precocious scholarship student from an abusive home. It is a beautiful book, lush with 19th century details, and intently focused on Yale’s lavender scene. Only one female character appears in the entire book, which is mostly focused on the highly intelligent Simion: his abusive childhood, the sickly tutor who ensures that he can escape from his father and get an education suited to his intellect, and the passion he finds with the shy Doriskos, who for many years is too timid to consummate their relationship. Simion finds friendship and sexual comfort in the arms of his well-heeled friend Andrew, while still passionately involved with Doriskos, who tolerates Andrew, though he is occasionally jealous of their physical relationship while unable to pursue the same with the willing Simion.
Their relationship, apparently tolerated by Yale as merely a professor and his assistant and protégé, is suddenly put on trial when Doriskos creates a statue modeled on himself and Simion. A fellow Yale student, who is enamoured of Doriskos, reveals the existence of the statue to the Yale administration, which had been exhibited in Europe. Trouble ensues and reaches a crisis point in Simion’s final year. Eventually, after many travails, Doriskos and Simion finally enjoy sexual relationship, though their lives are forever changed before they can reach that point.
The God in Flight is sensuous in its details, the food and clothing, the interior furnishings, and all the beauty of the well-to-do life of Doriskos, in harsh contrast to the poverty from which Simion came. The passion of Doriskos, who for many years dreamed of a boy just like Simion and was surprised to meet him in the flesh, is somewhat mysterious and almost asexual, until his jealousy of Andrew flares up. The issue of a thirty-something art professor involved with a 17-year-old freshman is hardly broached. The two are soul mates, and their ages are irrelevant.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections. If you’ve read any good homoerotic romance lately, leave a comment. I’ll be on crutches probably for another 2-3 weeks and expect to be doing lots of reading while I’m stuck home. Maybe some writing, too; despite my well-intentioned reader survey, I’m still hot on Jack/Ianto and am about halfway through my next fic featuring this lovely pair. I have also considered writing some original fiction. Reading all those gay romances has sparked some thought that perhaps I could do no worse than the published authors. It’s a tough market; gay romance is still a niche genre, and it’s not exactly lucrative. Self-publishing might be the only option; or at best, publishing an online serial for a very modest compensation. Still, I can’t help thinking that perhaps I ought to give it a try, since writing homosexual pornography is a favorite pastime, and even if my only payment is seeing my pseudonym in print, it could open some doors for me. Anyway it’s an idea worth considering.
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What kind of slash should I write next? [03 Aug 2008|05:40pm]
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Poll #1234610 What kind of slash should I write next?

What kind of slash should I write next?

Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones
Try something you haven't written before!
 Despite the fact that my Jack/Ianto fic was my least popular of all the pairings I've written (getting only about 8 comments, as opposed to the 25-50 I typically get for a House/Wilson fic), I'm probably going to write more Jack/Ianto, because they're such a lovely couple, and I'm really into their relationship. I suppose I'm in a state of limbo with House/Wilson and want to see the new episodes to get me back into the swing of their dynamic, even though I know things will be rough between them for awhile, but according to Huge Laurie, the 'lovers make up.' I've also considered writing more Holmes/Watson, or other Doctor Who slash, but for some reason, House/Wilson are at the bottom of my list.

What do you think I should write next, for any of the f-list that is reading my journal?

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